Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Nandana Fort, Pakistan.

This is probably going to be the shortest posts on my blog. This post is about the ancient city of Nandana in the Salt Range. It was an important city during the Hindu Shahi dynasty and probably destroyed during the attacks of Sultan Memood Ghaznavi. It is an archaeological site of great importance and with proper excavation important discoveries are sure to be made. At present there are some ruins scattered on and around the hill. But one thing has survived the the depredation of humans and nature, and that is a Hindu temple. Though it is also in a bad shape but still standing magnificently on the top of this hill. 

On the way to Nandana. The temple can be sen on the top of the hill. (20.03.2005.)

View of the temple. (20.03.2005.)

View of the temple from a higher point. (20.03.2005.)

A southward view, down the hill. (20.03.2005.)

Green sloping hills in the north of Nandana. (20.03.2005.)

Another temple building but in a worse condition. (20.03.2005.)

Coming down the hill. (20.03.2005.)

A water spring of cleanest water. (20.03.2005.)

Famous Muslim scientist and historian Abu Rehan Al Bairuni also visited this place and reportedly measured the radius of the earth while staying here. He also wrote a book about India and learned Sanskrit. 

Nandana is situated just north of the village Baghanwala, at the feet of these hills. Baghanwala is as beautiful as its name. There is a stream flowing by the village and gardens of Lokat can be found all around. Area is very green and peaceful. Set in an area full of green fields and free of any pollution. 

Nandana is located at 32° 43' 34.30" N, 73° 13' 45.50" E, in Tehsil Pind Dadan Khan. Take an exit from the Lilla Interchange on M2 and travels towards Jhelum. From the Dharyala Jalap, which is 45 kilometers from the M2, take a turn to the left side (northward). From this point travel further for 15 kilomters, ask directions and soon you will be at Baghanwala. From here you will have to hike for almost 2 kilometers to reach Nandana. So if you have any interest in history or just want to explore beauty of the Salt Range and have interest in hiking and trekking, do visit this place.

I shall appreciate your comments on this post. You are most welcome to given any suggestion on any additional information about this subject. Your information will be used with all due credit.

Tariq Amir

June 11, 2014.
Doha - Qatar.

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