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Bhoman Shah: Gurdwara of Bhumman Shah

Baba Bhumman Shah was a  prominent sadhu of Udasi Sikhs born in 1687 and died in 1762. Udasi sect of Sikhs was  quite  popular in 19th century and had a large following in Punjab. Baba Bhumman Shah is still revered for his spiritual teachings among many Sikhs and Hindus. 

A few years ago I saw a small picture of a big structure looking like a palace, in quest for that I reached Bhoman Shah a village in district Okara, tehsil Dipalpur, on March 21, 2011, with my cousin Tahir Mehboob, a resident of Chak 127 EB. I was not sure what will be waiting for me, but what I found was much more than my expectations. There was not just a palace of a marvellous architecture, but  also a big gurdwara complex. It is located at 30° 31' 48.53" N, 73° 39' 23.13" E. It is almost 150 kms from Lahore and 45 kms from Okara, 17 kms from Dipalpur on Haveli Lakha road. 

The haveli though magnificent, is in a total state of disrepair. The occupants, who must be hundreds of people and dozens of families, appear to lack resources as well as will to maintain it. We met a person who showed us a part of the haveli, he was a refugee from district Hissar. But it is so badly divided between different families that it is difficult to access different parts of this huge haveli. I realized its total size only when I saw it on google earth. Now I feel that I should have spared more time to discover it properly. May be next time. 

Eastern side of the haveli. (21.03.2011.)

View from the gurdwara. (21.03.2011.)

View from the roof of the gurdwara. (21.03.2011.)

Another view of the haveli. (21.03.2011.)

An entrance to the haveli. (21.03.2011.)

A door inside the haveli. (21.03.2011.)

Interior portions of the haveli. (21.03.2011.)

Date of construction of this haveli is not known to me. But close to this haveli exists a big gurdwara, which according to Mr Iqbal Qaiser on a website, was constructed in 1910. It was a pleasant surprise to see this gurdwara in such a good condition and not occupied. I was told that Sikhs still come to this gurdwara and a couple of years ago a large number of them came here to offer their prayers. 

Main entrance of the gurdwara Baba Bhumman Shah. (21.03.2011.) 

View of the courtyard of gurdwara Bhumman Shah. (21.03.2011.)

A beautiful building in the gurdwara Bhumman Shah. (21.03.2011.)

Another view. (21.03.2011.)

Interior of the main prayer hall. 

Children of a nearby school in Bhoman Shah village. (21.03.2011.)

View from the gallery of the prayer hall. (21.03.2011.)

View from the roof of the gurdwara Bhumman Shah. (21.03.2011.)

Frescoes in the gurdwara. (21.03.2011.)

Holy inscriptions in the gurdwara. (21.03.2011.)

Frescoes in the gurdwara. (21.03.2011.)

Frescoes in the gurdwara. (21.03.2011.)

Frescoes in the gurdwara. (21.03.2011.)

Frescoes in the gurdwara. (21.03.2011.)

Frescoes in the gurdwara. (21.03.2011.)

Frescoes in the gurdwara. (21.03.2011.)

In addition to this gurdwara a big dharamsala, guest house for devotees, also exist beside this gurdwara. Which is also in occupied by dozens of families and divided haphazardly. But so far it is also in a good condition. 
Front view of the gurdwara. (21.03.2011.)

View from the roof of the gurdwara. (21.03.2011.)

Another view. You can see houses constructed in front of the gurdwara. (21.03.2011.)

Main street between gurdwara and dharamsala. (21.03.2011.)

View of the southern wall of dharamsala, from a lane. (21.03.2011.)

Main entrance of this gurdwara complex, the main gate on the road. (21.03.2011.) 

It is a big complex housing a gurdwara, dharamsala and a haveli. I am sure that not many such monuments exist in Pakistan. Repair and maintenance can turn it into a master piece of traditional art and architecture. It can house a big museum of art, culture and history of this region. With proper arrangements, it can be turned into a big tourist attraction for Pakistani and Indian, especially Sikh, tourists. 

I shall appreciate your comments on the above post. Similarly I most welcome your suggestions to improve it or any more information on this subject, which  I shall use with all due credit.

Tariq Amir

June 04, 2014.
Doha - Qatar 
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  1. The photos of the Haveli and the Gurudwara and the other areas have been presented in a very systematic manner. Indeed one comes to know of the area in detail at one glance. Urgent repairs are awaited. Frescoes are very beautiful. Arches are very beautifully embellished. It is a delight to see the pictures Regards

  2. Thank you for your appreciation. You are absolutely right these buildings need urgent repairs. The Gurdwara itself is in a reasonably good condition. But the haveli and dharmsala being the common property of dozens of families, are in a bad condition.