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Tomb Of Heer Ranjha In Jhang & Takht Hazara

The love story of Murad Baksh a Jat of Ranjha clan and Ezzat Bibi (Heer) also a Jat of Sial clan is definitely the most popular love story of the South Asia. They probably lived during the reign of Lodhi Dynasty (1451 - 1526 AD). Exact dates are unknown. Though a plaque at their tomb gives the year of their death as 876 AH, which corresponds to 1471 AD. 

Their tomb is located in Jhang City at 31° 16' 31" N, 72° 20' 13" E,  off the Faisalabad Road. It is a very old graveyard and there are many graves around the tomb. 

A view of the tomb. (25.03.2009.)

Another view of the tomb. (25.03.2009.)

The plaque reads: Court (tomb/mausoleum) of the true lovers Mai Heer and Mian Ranjha. Death: 876 AH. (1471 AD)

A closer view of the tomb. (25.03.2009.)

Tomb Stone: "Famous true lover Mian Murad Baksh aka Mian Ranjha, age ..... years and Mai Ezzat Bibi known as Mai Heer Sial, are both buried at this place. Who (female pronoun suggests it means Heer) was a true saint and was a  Khalifa (successor, lieutenant) of Hazrat Sheikh Ahmad Kabir son of Syed Jalal Bukhari Uchi. The city of Jhang was founded by Syed Jalal. Bahlul Lodhi the king was his disciple. Spent his whole life in spiritual quest. Mian Fazal Elahi Ranjha caretaker/successor of the mausoleum Mohammadiah Naqshbandi Suharwardi Qadri Chishti (names of different sufi orders), resident of Waan Mian, district Shahpur (Sargodha) had it constructed in the year .....

 Grave of Heer and Ranjha. They are indeed buried in one grave. (25.03.2009.)

According to the tradition ladies who died virgins, had open domes above their graves. (25.03.2009.)

A few days after visiting Jhang, I went to Takht Hazara, a small village in district Sargodha. It is the birthplace of Ranjha. It is an agricultural area with lush green fields all around. River Chenab is just two kilometers away in the east. The fame of this village lies in the fact that Ranjha was born here in mid 15th century AD. Here he first time heard about the legendary beauty of Heer and decided to go to marry her. 

Takht Hazara is just 25 kilometers away from the Makhdoom Interchange of M2. After exit travel north east towards Halapur, which is the main town of this area.  From this town take a turn towards south east, Takht Hazara is just 4.5 kms away, which is located at 32° 06' 32" N, 73° 14' 40" E. For more guidance check the map given at the end.

 This mosque was constructed on the ruins of an old mosque, and is known as the mosque of Ranjha. (31.03.2009.)

River Chenab. (31.03.2009.)

A boat in the river Chenab. Ranjha went to Jhang by a boat. Perhaps a similar one. (31.03.2009.)

Fields of Takht Hazara. (31.03.2009.)

  Another view of the mosque of Ranjha. (31.03.2009.)

The story of their love, which is definitely the most famous love story of the subcontinent, was first written by Damodar Das Arora, who was their contemporary. Then more than two centuries later, sufi poet Waris Shah made them subject of his epic love poem Heer Waris Shah and immortalized them and their love. He wrote this masterpiece of Punjabi literature at Malka Hans, in 1762. 

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