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Monument Of Bucephalus The Horse of Alexander The Great

Alexander the great of Macedonia is one of those kings who are equally famous in the East and also in the West. He started his career of conquests from Greece and after conquering the Middle East he invaded central Asia and then turned southward and invaded present day Pakistan. After conquering Punjab he decided to return home. During his long odyssey his favourite horse Becaphalus was accompanying him. But he too ended the journey of his life here in Punjab. Alexander had a great love for this horse, which is prominently displayed in the movie "Alexander" released in 2004. 

Alexander buried his horse near the modern day town of Jalalpur Sharif in district Jhelum just before or after his famous battle of Raja Porus on the other side of the river Jhelum in May, 326 BC. He probably built a monument as well. But no traces of that are to be found. However, in 1997 AD due to the interest taken by Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan a new monument was built on the same spot. It is a big building with a blend of Greek architecture. It has several rooms and the roof is used as a big platform on which there are four sided Greek style arches. It is made of marble and its white building attracts from a distance.

Alexander also founded a town a here and name it Bucephala after his horse. Which later on acquired the name of Girjakh and finally named Jalapur by its ruler Malik Darwesh Khan Janjua in honour of Moghul emperor Jalaluddin Akbar, who visited this town.  

Picture Taken on 20.03.2005.

View from a hill on 20.03.2005.

View From South side on 18.03.2009.

Foundation plaque. 

 Another view from the road. 

A map showing the travels of Alexander. (18.03.2009.)

Arches on the platform. 

View from the south. 

View From the south east with a beautiful hill in the background. 

View from the dry bed of a ravine, in the south east. 

This monument is located in district Jhelum at 32° 39' 53" N, 73° 24' 31" E. It easily accessible, as a good road passes by the monument. Take an exit from the Lilla Interchange on M2 and travel first to Pind Dadan Khan about 25 kilometers away and then continue towards Jhelum for further 35 kilometers and reach Jalalpur Sharif. The monument is less than a kilometer in north from here. As the road is good so it is not difficult to reach here. If you ever plan a tour of this area, you can include a visit to Khewra Salt Mines, which are just 6 kilometers north of Pind Dadan Khan.  

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  1. Heartwarming that a monument in honour of Alexander the Great and his beloved horse and companion in battle has been erected here

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