Saturday 30 April 2016

Tomb & Mosque Of Syed Waris Shah

Waris Shah was born in Jandiala Sher Khan in 1722 and died in 1798.  By writing his magnum opus, Heer Waris Shah, he not only immortalized the love story of Heer and Ranjha but also earned the title of Shakespeare of Punjabi language for himself. He is buried in Jandiala Sher Khan. A beautiful tomb stands on his grave, with a big complex all around. It is a popular visiting place with many shops to sell souvenirs, eatables and his books. It is located at 31° 49' 04" N, 73° 54' 59" E. Just 12 kilometers from Sheikhupura city, less than 7 kilometers from the Sheikhupura Hiran Minar Interchange on M2.
Mausoleum of Syed Waris Shah at Jandiala Sher Khan. (24.03.2011.)

Another view. (24.03.2011.)

An inner view of the complex. (24.03.2011.)

 Me. (31.03.2009.)

Mausoleum complex. (24.03.2011.)

I already had visited most of the places related to legendary love tale of Heer and Ranjha, including their tomb in Jhang and Takht Hazara, the birthplace of Ranjha. But a very important part of this picture, remained unseen. Finally, almost exactly five years after visiting the tomb of Waris Shah in Janidiala Sher Khan, I found myself in front of a mosque in Malka Hans, a small town in district Pakpattan. It is situated in the heart of this old town, in a narrow street, off the main street, at  30° 25' 28.03" N,  73° 16' 29.14" E.

Its importance lies in the fact that Syed Waris Shah served in this mosque as Imam and it was here that he wrote his magnus opus Heer Waris Shah in 1762. He lived here probably for a significant time period and in a room of a seminary, attached to this mosque. He wrote this lengthy poem in Punjabi language; which made the names of Heer, Ranjha and himself immortal. 

Entrance of the Mosque of Waris Shah (23.03.2016.)

Mosque of Waris Shah: Front View (23.03.2016.)

Mosque of Waris Shah:  Madrassah adjacent to the mosque(23.03.2016.)

Mosque of Waris Shah:  Left Side(23.03.2016.) 

Mosque of Waris Shah: Date of construction 740 AH - 1340 AD (23.03.2016.)

Mosque of Waris Shah: Mehrab (23.03.2016.)

Mosque of Waris Shah: Mehrab (23.03.2016.)

Mosque of Waris Shah:  Interior (23.03.2016.)

Mosque of Waris Shah:  Interior (23.03.2016.)

The mosque was built in 1340 AD, during the reign of Sultan Mohammad Tughlaq. Thus it is historically significant for its antiquity and architecture. It is also a matter of satisfaction that it is still in a very good condition. However, it is obvious that because of repeated repairs over the centuries, it has lost its original decorations long ago.

Tariq Amir

April 30, 2016.

Doha - Qatar.