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Gogera Fort and Old Building of Gogera Courts

Gogera is an old town and in the past held a more important position in this area, as compare to what it has today. Upto 1850s it was district headquarter. The current districts of Okara and Sahiwal were parts of this district. I already have written about its connection with Rai Ahmad Khan Kharal's insurrection against the British in 1857 and the grave of its assistant commissioner Lord Berkeley, who was killed in the same rebellion. For details please refer to that post. 

Here I want to write about a small fort in Gogera. It is about four hundred years old and during the Mughal era it was used as a jail and treasury house of the district. Currently a family is residing inside the fort. As as the case with most of such kind of old buildings, it is in a bad state and there is no care or effort on the part of any government department to preserve or repair it. 

View of the Gogera Fort from the south. (22.03.2014.)

South western bastion of the fort. (22.03.2014.)

South eastern bastion of the fort. (22.03.2014.)

Entrance to the Gogera Fort, on the western side. (22.03.2014.)

A house inside the fort. (22.03.2014.)

Northern wall of the fort. (22.03.2014.)

North eastern bastion of the fort. (22.03.2014.)

A general view of the fort from the eastern side. (22.03.2014.)

The Gogera Fort is located at 30° 57' 41.90" N, 73° 19' 38.40" E, in the north of the town Bangla Gogera. Just on the west of this fort is the building of High School of Gogera. This school is housed in an old building, which originally was building of a court in during the British rule. It is an old style attractive building. It is located at 30° 57' 41.90" N, 73° 19' 33.90"

Entrance of the Govt. High School Gogera, old building of courts. (22.03.2014.)

Beautiful garden of the school. (22.03.2014.) 

Main building of the old courts.  (22.03.2014.)

 View from the east.  (22.03.2014.)

View from the east.  (22.03.2014.)

A distant view from the east. A huge banyan tree in the foreground.  (22.03.2014.)

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Tariq Amir

15 June, 2014.
Doha - Qatar  

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  1. Nice work brother. I have also put many picture of Bangla Gogera on face book. First taken in 1985 and later of few years back. ID M.Shabbir Gill. Important symmetry of Barkley you missed which I uploaded pictures taken in 1985 and second time. I was student in this building in 1958 upto 5th class. I also put Nou lakhi Khothi Satghara, and Bhooman shah Wasaway wala. Good wishes. Gill

  2. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for sharing your memories with us. You are most welcome to share more information or pictures of these places. You may contact me at:


  3. really helphul i put some recent pictures on my facebook about our town Gogera