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Haranpur (Victoria) Bridge , Jhelum. (And a gruesome story of 1947)

The railway bridge of Haranpur is a very beautiful example of the old railway bridges made of iron, constructed during the British government. It was probably constructed in 1890s and was once went under renovation or repair in 1936. It is also known as Victoria Bridge. It is piece of wonderful engineering, worth watching. Scenery is also beautiful with river Jhelum flowing underneath. I visited it on 18th March, 2009, on the Haranpur side. With big green trees all around, the atmosphere is very serene. Good place for a picnic. It is located about 35 kms from Lilla Interchange on M2, at 32° 34' 52" N, 73° 09' 30" E. 
 Fortified entrance of the bridge. Haranpur side. 

A view of the bridge. 

Another view 

A view of the protective fortifications. 

The bridge.

 Beautiful trees near the bridge, on the river bank. 

Nasir Mahmood of Lilla Town. (My Cousin)

Me on the bridge. On the passage for pedestrians. 


Bridge girders. 

 Base of the structure on a pillar. 

There is a macabre story about this bridge. I was told that during the horrors of partition in 1947, a train full of thousands of Hindu and Sikh refugees was attacked here. The driver stopped the train right on the bridge and rioters attacked it from both sides. Thousands were killed and only a few of those survived who jumped in the river and were able to swim to the banks and were helped by some of the local people. I cannot verify it. I would appreciate if somebody can provide any information like, date of the attack and who organized it. Especially where the train was coming from and to which region these people belonged to?

My cousin Nasir Mahmood informed me just a few days ago, that the victims of this massacre were buried in well, near the railway station of Haranpur, but closer to the village of Osman. But how many were buried there, he could not inform. I shall try to find more information during my next vacation to Pakistan. (15.06.2014.)

I shall appreciate your comments on the above post. Similarly I most welcome your suggestions to improve it or any more information on this subject, which  I shall use with all due credit. 

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  1. Keep it up! You are really doing a splendid job.

  2. Thank you for your appreciation.

  3. What's the normal length of the bridges bored pile between Lalamusa to Jhelum.

  4. So interesting and I love your photos

  5. this train inncident was happened in usman village a large pound bank.localy called Dhann.train was coming from khewra and Pind dadan khan and its surouding villages