Thursday 22 May 2014

Pharwala Fort - Islamabad

Ever heard about Pharwala? May be not. Although, it is not far away from Islamabad. So next time if you make a plan for an excursion, think about it. It is just 18 kilometers away from the airport signals on Islambad Highway. After travelling for about 2.5 kms in the direction of Rawat, turn to left on Mehfooz Shaheed road, and continue eastarward for 16 kms. You will reach Bagh Jogian, the nearest village to Pharwala fort. Now onward you will have to walk for about half a kilometer to enter the fort, as it is on the eastern side of the Soan river.
This is a big fort with an area of about 36 acres and situated just on the east of Soan river, on a high ground, at 33˚ 37' 14" N, 73˚ 18' 02" E. As we can expect, the fort is in a dilapidated condition, virtually a ruin. A few gates are still standing and still can be restored to their original condition. The walls of the fort have almost totally fallen apart.

History of this fort is very old. Hathi Khan Ghakhar established a dynasty and made this his capital. Babur attacked him here in 1519 but after the defeat, he became an ally of the Mughal. Finally it went into a rapid decline after 1819 AD, when Sikhs captured this fort.

Probably a mosque, on the way to Pharwala Fort. (5.4.2009.)

A distant view of a gate of the fort. (5.4.2009.)

Another view of a gate. (5.4.2009.)

Pharwala Fort across the river Soan. (5.4.2009.) 

River Soan. (5.4.2009.)

A portion of the wall of the fort. (5.4.2009.)

 Me in front of the fort. (5.4.2009.)

You will have to pass through the Soan, as Nasir sahib is doing. (5.4.2009.)

An imposing gate of the fort. Perhaps the best in condition of all the gate. (5.4.2009.)

North eastern wall. (5.4.2009.)

 A graveyard in the fort. (5.4.2009.)

 View from the north eastern corner, the highest point in the fort. (5.4.2009.)

Another gate of the fort. (5.4.2009.)

A gate on the south eastern corner of the fort. (5.4.2009.)

Another view of the above mentioned gate. (5.4.2009.)

Southern wall of the fort. (5.4.2009.)

 An old grave in the fort. (5.4.2009.)

Inside the fort. (5.4.2009.)

View of a gate from inside. (5.4.2009.)

A view from the south west. (5.4.2009.)

Closer view of the same gate. (5.4.2009.)

 A few families  live inside the fort in modest homes. There is an old graveyard in the fort. Most of the lands is covered with vegetation. North eastern corner is considerably at height. It is in an urgent need of repair as it is fast crumbling. If repaired, properly publicized and some facilities provided it can be turned in to a recreation place and picnic spot. Scenery is very beautiful. Soan river is passing by its western side. School or colleges trips can come here for a picnic as well as a study tour. For how long we shall keep on neglecting our history and heritage?

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May 22, 2014.
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  1. I belong to Islamabad but live in USA. On my next trip to Pakistan, I will definitely visit this historical fort.

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  3. Very in rwp but didn't know if this place..will visit soon,jazakallah