Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Ancient Settlement At Tulaja

Ever heard about Tulaja? I am sure not. Though it could be one of the largest ancient settlements and archaeological sites in Pakistan. It is located at 32° 29' 18" N, 72° 15' 50" E, in District Khushab. So what is it? It is a hill, with vertical steep faces on all sides. So it is a natural fortress and is accessible only at one point, that's too was carved in the solid rock by human beings. This hill is remarkable for the fact that it has ruins of a very old settlement, spread over an area of almost 13 acres, with a length of nearly 500 meters and the maximum width of about 190 meters.  So it must be a big settlement. Top of the hill is a plain and littered with hundreds of ruins of old houses. All are made of well carved stones. Walls up to 10 feet high are still standing, but roofs of all the houses are missing.  

Local people called it Tulaja and associate this place with Hindus. Tulaja itself is probably the name of a Hindu deity. But when they lived here and when this settlement was abandoned, nobody knows. But ruins tell us that it must be a big thriving town, with a population in thousands. Nothing more is known about it. As far as archaeological department or any authorities are concerned, they perhaps are not aware of even its existence. 
 Northern face of the hill.

 Carved rock to make a passage. The only passage to reach the top of the Tulaja hill. It is at north eastern corner of this hill.

 A lane in the city.

Ruins of a house. 

Southward vie.

Walls of a house. 

Precipice of south western corner. 

 Probably a street. 

I believe that if some research and excavation is done by archaeologists, some invaluable information about this civilization can be found. It can be turned into a major national an international tourist attraction. The surrounding area is ideal, for picnic, hiking, trekking etc.  So how can you reach there? Start from Khushab city and travel towards Khaliqabad, from Khaliqabad continue towards mountains. Up in the mountains you will pass by Narwari Bagh. About 4.5 kilometers from this garden, leave the road and turn right to a unpaved track. Travel four kilometers and park you vehicle and walk for nearly 2 kilometers to reach the top of this hill. But I highly recommend a guide, familiar with the area. 

I shall appreciate your comments on the above post. Similarly I most welcome your suggestions to improve it or any more information on this subject, which  I shall use with all due credit. 

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May 13, 2014.
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  1. great job man.
    i suggest if safe and feasible , can u explore the area at the base of the hillock.