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Suman Burj - Residence Of Maharaja Ranjit Singh (Wazirabad)

Suman Burj is a big housing complex situated in the northern part of Wazirabad city at 32° 27' 00" N, 74° 06' 54" E. It covers an area of about 10 acres, and encloses almost two dozen homes. I was told that once it was residence of Mahraja Ranjit Singh. There is a beautiful garden inside the complex. There are many beautiful havelis. I wish I had more time to see this place. I cannot stress enough on the beauty of this place. It has masterpieces of old traditional style of architecture and is a great place for the students of art and culture. If officials pay a little attention (just kidding), it can prove to be a great cultural site. As the buildings are in good condition, it will not cost much to preserve them.  

I am not sure who are the current occupants and how they got these properties. My friend Syed Hassan Abbas of Jamalpur Syedan, near Gujrat, told me an interesting piece of information that the property is still in the name of Ranjit Singh or the government, so present owners cannot sell it. Purpose of this post is not only to share information about this beautiful place, but also to find something more. So I shall really appreciate if someone could contribute more details. 

Gate of the Suman Burj complex. Now closed. (26.03.2009.)

Inside the Suman Burj complex. (26.03.2009.)

Another view of Suman Burj. (26.03.2009.)

A haveli inside the Suman Burj. (26.03.2009.)

A wooden door or a house. (26.03.2009.)

A well preserved house in Suman Burj. (26.03.2009.)

Probably a guest house in Suman Burj. (26.03.2009.)

Another building in Suman Burj. (26.03.2009.)

A beautiful garden in Suman Burj. (26.03.2009.)

 A Hindu temple just outside of Wazirabad on the northern side and a cremation ground as well. (26.03.2009.)

Another view of the temple.(26.03.2009.)

Gurdwara, Guru Kotha, named after Guru Hargobind ji, in the centre of Wazirabad, besides a school. Guru ji stayed here for sometime. Now, unfortunately occupied, inaccessible and in a bad condition.   (26.03.2009.)

Another view of the gurdwara. (26.03.2009.)

A beautiful traditional house in Wazirabad. (26.03.2009.)

Another view of the traditional house in Wazirabad. (26.03.2009.)

I shall appreciate your comments on the above post. Similarly I most welcome your suggestions to improve it or any more information on this subject, which  I shall use with all due credit. 

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