Monday 12 May 2014

Hindu Temple At Malot

Malot is a small village in Tehsil, Choa Saidan Shah, district Chakwal. It is located at 32° 41' 04.56" N, 72° 47' 58.66" E.  It is almost 15 kilometers away from Kallar Kahar Interchange of M2. 

It is not a well know place and many people would be surprised to find that it is the oldest surviving building or structure in Pakistan. Harappa or Mohenjodaro are just ruins discovered later on. It is here for more than one thousand years. As usual, there seems to be no official care. I visited this place last time in March, 2009, and until then there was not even a plaque to tell about its history. However, one thing is certain it was built during Hindu Shahi kingdom, sometime in 9th or 10th century AD, before the invasion of Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi. 

As it is on the edge of Salt Range, it can be seen from tens of kilometers away. Perhaps you would have already seen it! While travelling from Lahore to Islamabad, just after crossing the Lilla Interchange you can see it on the top of the mountains, just a little on your right side. A little dot on the top of a mountain. I wish we could take care of our vast vanishing heritage. Visit this place, you will not reget.

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View Hindu Temple At Malot in a larger mapf;">

View Hindu Temple At Malot in a larger map

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