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109 - Mosque of Mulla Kamal ud Din, Sialkot

This mosque in the old part of the city of Sialkot was managed by Maulana Mulla Kamal ud Din. He could not find details about Mulla Kamal ud Din, but his fame is due to being the teacher of famous Muslim scholar Sheikh Ahmad Al Fruqi Al Sirhindi, famous as Mujaddid Alf Sani. Following excerpts from Wikipedia give the following information about these two persons:
Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindi was born on 26 June 1564 in the village of Sirhind. He received most of his early education from his father, Shaykh Abd al Ahad, his brother, Shaykh Muhammad Sadiq and from Shaykh Muhammad Tahir al-Lahuri. He memorised the Qur'an. He then studied in Sialkot which had become an intellectual centre under the Kashmir born scholar Maulana Kamaluddin Kashmiri. There he learned logic, philosophy and theology and read advanced texts of tafsir and hadith under another scholar from kashmir, Sheikh Yaqub Ali Hamadani Sufi Order. Qazi Bahlol Badakhshani taught him jurisprudence, prophet Muhammad's biography and history.  
So we can understand that Mulla Kamal ud Din taught Sheikh Ahmad in this mosque during the last two decades of the 16th century, during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar. This mosque is located in the old part of the city at  32°29'24.07"N, 74°32'33.02"E

The front view of the mosque of Mulla Kamal ud Din, Sialkot. (24.07.2019)

جامع مسجد کشمیریاں

معلم        حضرت مولانا ملا کمال الدین رحمۃ اللہ علیہ        المتوفی ۱۰۱۷ ھ


متعلمین  حضرت امام ربانی مجدّد الف ثانی شیخ احمد فاروقی سرہندی
رحمۃ اللہ علیہ
ولادت 14 شوال 971 ھ                           وفات 28 صفر 1034ھ

حضرت مولانا علامہ عبدالحکیم رحمۃ اللہ علیہ فاضل سیالکوٹی
ولادت 968 ھ                              وفات 18 ربیع الاول 1068 ھ

Jame Masjid Kashmerian

Hazrat Maualana Mulla Kamal ud Din       
Died: 1017  AH (1608 AD)


Hazrat Mujaddid Alf Sani Sheikh Ahmad Farooqi Sirhindi

Birth: 14 Shawwal, 971 AH. (18 May, 1564)    Death: 28 Safar, 1034 AH. ( 21 November, 1624)

Hazrat Maulana Abdul Hakim Fazil Sialkoti
Birth: 968 AH. (1561 AD)        Death: 18 Rabi Al Awwal, 1068 AH. ( 17 December, 1657) 

The main entrance of the mosque. (24.07.2019)

A side view of the mosque. (24.07.2019)

The mosque has three arches. The on the left is hidden behind a veranda. (24.07.2019)

A view from the first floor. (24.07.2019)

The green dome of the mosque. (24.07.2019)

Courtyard of the mosque. (24.07.2019)

Mehrab of the mosque. (24.07.2019)

Another view of the Mehrab. (24.07.2019)

The interior of the mosque(24.07.2019)

 A plaque displaying 10 precepts of Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi. 

A big old tree near the mosque. (24.07.2019)

The mosque, as you can see in the pictures is in excellent condition. However, unfortunately the renovation has been done not in a traditional style but with modern style. So the original decorations or paintings and designs have been lost forever. 

Tariq Amir

October 29, 2019.

Doha - Qatar. 

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