Tuesday 12 November 2019

116 - Samadhis at Thakkarke (district Sialkot)

About fifteen kilometers from Gujranwala towards Daska, and just five kilometers north of Nandipur, is a small village Thakkarke, surrounded by beautiful green fields. Marala-Ravi Link Canal flows less than two kilometers in the east. It is a pleasure to travel in such a beautiful area. 

It is a small village and the only thing significant about it, are four Samadhis located just north of this village. Samadhi is a building that is constructed in memory of a deceased person by Hindus and Sikhs. These samadhis belong to a prominent Sikh family, who had large landholdings in this area and the extended family possessed many villages, including Thakkarke. A person informed me that a few persons of that family embraced Islam and did not migrate in 1947 and they still live nearby.  

The samadhis are located at  32°17'29.00"N, 74°15'20.51"E

Samadhis at Thakkarke. (23.07.2019)

Another view of the samadhis. (23.07.2019)

A samadhi and its anteroom. (23.07.2019) 

Another Samadhi. (23.07.2019)

Two samadhis. (23.07.2019)

The writer. (23.07.2019)

These samadhis are located in a plot of approximately 3 kanals, 1/3 acre

Another view. (23.07.2019)

Another view. (23.07.2019) 

The Samadhis are mostly in bad condition and collapsing. (23.07.2019)

The fourth Samadhis is at a distance of nearly 200 m, from the other three Samadhis. (23.07.2019)

 Another view of the fourth Samadhi. (23.07.2019)
A beautiful view of the fourth Samadhi. (23.07.2019)

A view of the complex. (23.07.2019)

A deorhi in front of the Samadhi complex. (23.07.2019)

Deorhi and the Samadhis in the back. (23.07.2019)

A gaping hole in the deorhi. (23.07.2019)

The deorhi is mostly a ruin. The roofs have already collapsed. (23.07.2019)

The entrance of the building. (23.07.2019)

Paintings on partially standing boundary wall. (23.07.2019)

The deorhi is a two storey building. (23.07.2019)

The side view of the building. (23.07.2019)

These Samadhis are beautiful buildings and good examples of traditional architecture. The Samadhis are situated in an area that can easily be converted into a hub of tourism in Pakistan. These are in urgent need of repair, but with some effort, a few structures can easily be restored to their original beauty. 

Tariq Amir
November 12, 2019.
Doha - Qatar.

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