Sunday 10 November 2019

113 - Gurdwara Baoli Sahib, Sialkot

The most famous gurdwara of Sialkot is Babe Di Ber, which I already have covered in my following post:

Just 300 meters to the east of this gurdwara, another historic gurdwara is located at 32°28'51.4"N, 74°33'07.0"E, known as "Gurdwara Baoli Sahib". The name suggests that sometime in the past, a baoli (stepwell) existed at this place. Currently no such baoli or well exists, however, there is a motor of water supply department to supply water to the neighbourhood. These two gurdwaras are associated with the visit of Guru Nanak Dev ji to Sialkot. We already have read about the gurdwara of Babe Di Ber and in this post I shall write about the Gurdwara Baoli sahib, which is located at

Some information about this gurdwara is given at the following link:

Guru Ji gave two paisas to Bhai Mardana to buy "falsehood" and "truth" from the market. Some people ridiculed Mardana Ji but there was a Karar (a hindu) named Maula who took two paisas and wrote two chits.  
On one chit he wrote, "Life is bitter" while on the other chit he wrote, "Death is truth". Bhai Mardana presented both the chits to Guru Nanak. Guru Ji handed over the two pieces of paper to Hamza Ghaus Ji who after reading the same, pardoned the residents of Sialkot. 
Maula Karar remained with Guru Nanak for some time during his travels. According to Guru's biographies, once Guru Ji went to fetch Maula Karar. Maula Karar, at the instance of his wife, hid himself inside the dark portion of his house and his wife told Guru Ji that he was not at home. Guru Ji came back and a little later it was learnt that Maula Karar had died of snake bite in the darkness.
And it was here that Sat Guru created this Shabd. "False is friendship with the false and greedy. False is its foundation. 0 Mullah, no one knows where death shall strike." 

The building of Gurdwara Baoli Sahib is solidly built. (24.07.2019.)

The compound is not well kept and overgrown vegetation covers it. (24.07.2019.)

The building has a dome. (24.07.2019.)

The building is in bad shape. (24.07.2019.)

Arches. (24.07.2019.)

The building is mostly hidden by the overgrown plants. (24.07.2019.)

A mosque in the courtyard. (24.07.2019.)

An adjoining hall. (24.07.2019.)

The hall from inside. (24.07.2019.)

The hall is used by the blinds as an education centre. (24.07.2019.)

The hall, gurdwara in the background and the mosque on the left. (24.07.2019.)

A water pump at the Gurdwara Baoli sahib. (24.07.2019.)

علامہ اقبال مرکز برائے نابینا
نیکاپورہ ظفروال روڈ بابے دی بیری سیالکوٹ
زیرانتظام پاکستان ایسوسی ایشن فار دی بلائنڈ (ضلعی برانچ سیالکوٹ)

Allama Iqbal Centre for the Blind
Nekapura, Zafarwal Road, Babe Di Ber, Sialkot
Under the management of Pakistan Association for the Blind (District Branch, Sialkot)

Currently, a portion of this gurdwara, which probably was a langar hall, is being used as a centre for the blind. The main gurdwara building is totally neglected and is dilapidating. 

Tariq Amir
November 10, 2019. 
Doha - Qatar. 

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