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Tilla Jogian

Tilla Jogian is a hill in district Jhelum. It means the Hill of Jogis or Yogis. It is an ancient place sacred to Hindus for over two thousand years. It houses a big complex of several Hindu temples, which are now crumbling. A local person told me that until 1947 it was a very busy place and Hindu pundits prayed here and looked after it and a large number of Hindu yatris regularly visited this place. The path up the hill was very good and safe, ladies often used horses or mules to travel. In short it was a bustling place. After the upheavals of 1947, Hindus left the area and now place is almost totally abandoned. The stone path is also crumbling. The trail starts from the village Bhet, on the northern side of the hill and goes winding up for almost 3 kilometers, ascending for nearly 500 meters. So be ready for a tough climb (tough for people like me, lazy city dwellers). 

But once you are on top of the hill, you will forget all your troubles. The scenery is breathtaking, with big trees everywhere. The whole atmosphere is very peaceful, serene and fresh. The forest department maintains a rest house, but we found it closed, when we visited it on 18th March, 2009. I suggest keep drinking water and eatables with you, as there are no shops or homes on the hill. It is also preferable to take some local person as a guide. Be generous to people and they will be very helpful to you. (Keep this golden principle always in your mind)

Many famous persons has visited this place over the centuries. Murad Baksh, aka Ranjha, the hero of the romantic epic story Heer Ranjha visited this place to join the jogi order. Founder of the Sikh faith Baba Guru Nanak ji also visited this place and stayed here for 40 days, for meditation. Later on Emperor Jehangir also visited this place. During the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, he not only visited this place but also constructed a big water pond. Which still exists today and is in a good condition. During our visit we saw many peacocks wandering freely. 
An old house in Bhet, at the foot of Tilla Jogian. (Northern Side)

Bhet Village.

Tilla Jogian trail. 

 You are right, that's me. 

A view of the temples. 

Beautiful trees on the hill top. 

Some details about Tilla Jogian.

 Water Pond. Built during the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. 

The pond. 

Another view of the pond. 

View of two cupolas from inside the pond. 

 Another View.
Temple complex. 

Path to the temple complex.


Two temples. 

Inside a temple.


View down the hill.

Some cattle.

A peacock.

Ruins of a temple. 

Another temple, hidden in thick vegetation. 

A rest house. 

Before making any plan to visit it. You must keep in your mind that it is off the beaten tracks and far away from any main road. So do your homework, take help from the google earth and study the maps of this area. It is is located at 32° 51' 35" N,  73° 26' 22" E. While coming from the direction of Jhelum to Dina on GT road, pass through the Dina and just in front of the NLC, turn to left and go for Gattar and from Gattar ask for Bheth. From GT road to Bheth is about 29 kilometers. Another road starts from Rohtas Fort and leads right up to the top of this hill. But I have not much information about that. Anyway you must have a four wheel drive for that path. With a little attention and publicity, it can be turned in to Murree of this area. 

I shall appreciate your comments on the above post. Similarly I most welcome your suggestions to improve it or any more information on this subject, which  I shall use with all due credit. 

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  1. Good post. This Tilla Jogian was a very important location for Hindus before partition

  2. AoA sir, I visited the sight thrice . I visited last Sunday dated 08-03-2020 again. Very beautiful place to visit.

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