Sunday, 13 November 2016

Muslim Population Of India: According To The Census of 2011

About two years ago in one of my posts I gave the details of the Muslim population of India, according to the censuses of 1941 and 2001. You may visit the post at the link given below:

This is my second post on this subject and this provides details about the Muslim population of India, according to the census of 2011. I have taken all the information from the official website of Registrar General and Census Commissioner ( Census Commission of India have indeed done a great job and this website contains an impressive collection of data about every aspect of population of India. Not only this, but they have provided maps in detail, of all districts, sub districts and even smaller administrative units of all the states.

Using this treasure of data I have made two maps, First showing Muslim population of India in its 29 states and the second one showing the percentage of Muslim population in each and every district of India.

In the tables given below, you may check the actual number of Muslims in each district along with the percentage. For comparison I have also given the percentage in the previous census in 2001. So you can also note the change in population. (Change indicates rise or fall of share of Muslim population in a particular district).

Names given in blue are of those districts which were divided into two or more districts.

Names in green are of those districts which were created after the census of 2001. 

Dear readers at the end I feel it necessary to write that the purpose of this post is just to inform myself and my readers about some facts and figures about just on important facts about the demographics of a India. It is not a political statement and there is no propaganda purpose or any other political message. It is a post of a student of history and that's all.

Your comments and suggestions are most welcome. Regards.

Tariq Amir

13.11.2016.Doha - Qatar. 

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